Effusive Anima Accelerator

I’m not sure if Im the one missing something, however it seems the Soulbind talent Effusive Anima Accelerator for Priests is reducing the cooldown of Boon of the Ascended more than it should in sims.

With Talent:


In the logs it almost thinks it’s a minute cooldown at one point on a Patchwerk fight (can only get 12 seconds shaved off the CD I presume with 1 target). So just wondering if this is a bug with the sims or just me missing something.

In the links you can go to the log section and type “Boon” in the spells section of the left to see what im talking about.

Thanks, I see the issue. We split up the work for implementing that 9.1 stuff and so this got implemented incorrectly due to a misunderstanding. Easy fix. I’ll post an update to the simulator later today. It is treating Ascended Blast and Ascended Nova casts as an “activation” of the kyrian ability.