Emissary cache sources - AMR Needs your help

A user submitted an interesting feature request that lets you use the Upgrade Finder to decide if you should do an Emissary quest based on the potential gear rewards.

My detective skills helped me figure out the Emissary Caches that most armor slots and Azerite gear below to. But a few slots are eluding me: weapons, cloaks, ring, and trinkets. This is where YOU come in :slight_smile: If you get any of the items (listed below) from an Emissary cache, please post and let me know which one.

Emissary’s & Caches:

  • Drustvar - Order of Embers
  • Tiragarde Sound - Proudmoore Admiralty
  • Stormsong - Storm’s Wake
  • Nazmir - Talanji’s Expedition
  • Zuldazar - Zandalari Empire
  • Vol’dun - Voldunai
  • Tortollan
  • 7th Legionnaire / Honorbound
  • Weapon Cache reward (a specific cache, different from regular cache’s)

(In alphabetical order).
A couple of questions I am trying to answer:

  1. Do weapons only come from the weapon cache, or faction emissary cache’s too?
  2. Are all of the weapons below available in caches? (We’ll find out as people help fill in this list)
  3. Sources
  • Blood Jungle Stinger
  • Bonehex Warmaul
  • Coldscale Cudgel
  • Coldscale Lantern
  • Coralshell Halberd
  • Coralshell Spellblade
  • Dazar’alor Polearm
  • Deepwarden Baton (Deepwarden NPCs found in Tiragarde)
  • Deepwarden Fangs (Deepwarden NPCs found in Tiragarde)
  • Dinobone Cracker
  • Dockyard Mace
  • Drustwrought Spellstaff
  • Gilded Hex-Maw
  • Glade Warden’s Glaive
  • Gnarlwood Barrier
  • Gnarlwood Cutlass
  • Gnarlwood Dagger
  • Gnarlwood Hammer
  • Gnarlwood Staff
  • Gol Osigr Handblade (Likely Drustvar?)
  • Gol Osigr Pillar (Likely Drustvar?)
  • Golden Empire Broadsword
  • Golden Empire Buckler
  • Golden Empire Hexer
  • Golden Tomb Defender (Drops off a rare in Zuldazar, also in caches?)
  • Ironcrest Bulwark
  • Ironcrest Greatblade
  • Ironcrest Longrifle
  • Loa-Bound Defender
  • Loa-Pledged Rod
  • Razorbone Carver
  • Razorbone Claws
  • Razorbone Skullcracker
  • Razorbone Spear
  • Razorspine’s Greatmace (Drops off a rare in Stormsong, also caches?)
  • Salt Coast Headcracker
  • Salt Coast Knuckles
  • Salt Coast Piercer
  • Shipwrecker Maul
  • Spirit Bog Scepter
  • Stagheart Gavel
  • Stagheart Hatchet
  • Stagheart Poleaxe
  • Tideguard Pike
  • Tideguard Spire
  • Wavecaller Beacon
  • Wavecaller Greatmace
  • Wavecaller Speargun
  • Whisperfen Chopper
  • Whisperfen Hewer
  • Whisperfen Polearm
  • Whisperfen Staff
  • Wintersail Dirk (Wintersail NPCs found in Tiragarde)
  • Wintersail Saber
  • Wintersail Striker
  • Zandalari Greatbow
  • Zandalari Machete
  • Zandalari Warstaff
  • Zem’lan Cutter _(Zem’lan NPCs found in vol’dun)
  • Zem’lan Hacker
  • Zem’lan Slicer
  • Zocalo Crusher
  • Zocalo Pummeler
  • Zocalo Stabber


  • Battalion Veteran’s Greatcloak
  • Bloodhunter’s Drape (note: Bloodhunter NPCs found in Nazmir)
  • Boralus Sailor’s Cloak (Tiragarde Sound seems likely)
  • Devoted Lookout’s Windcloak
  • Loa-Pledged Drape
  • Waycrest Guard’s Cloak
  • Worn Cloak (Is this a real item, if you even own it, let me know)


  • Dinobone Charm
  • Emblem of Zandalar
  • First Mate’s Spyglass
  • Gilded Loa Figurine
  • Pearl Diver’s Compass
  • Plunderbeard’s Flask


  • Golden Empire Signet
  • Igneous Winterskorn Loop
  • Ornate Elun’dris Ring
  • Shiny Ring
  • Smuggler’s Cove Ring
  • Spearfisher’s Band
  • Stonemason’s Guild Band
  • Zandalari Band

Please reply below if you have a source for any of these. If you saw my tweet, ideally you stop here and reply, but if you don’t have an account and don’t want to register (I get it, I’ve been there!), you can tweet me back.

Zoop, I’ll probably have to look through my item restoration page to confirm the names of stuff from emissary caches, but I’ll share some info I am confident about off the top of my head.

Emissary Caches

  • Don’t forget to include 7th legion/honorbound
  • The caches from faction incursions can drop Azerite armor even if they are not explicitly named Azerite Armor Cache.
  • I’m not sure if the caches from incursions are the same as emissary caches. They appear the share a loot table though (possibly a superset).
  • The emissary caches that are explicitly named weapon caches also have yellow text to indicate that they provide a weapon appropriate for your class (not necessarily your current loot spec).

I’ve never seen a ring or trinket from an emissary cache. However, I know some of them were available as emissary rewards before the 8.1 changes that added caches in place of specific items. (I have received a Golden Empire Signet as an emissary reward before, but not from a cache).

Every trinket on your list (as well as a few others such as the mushroom one from Drustvar and the Kajafied Banana from Zuldazar) is available from world quests which cap at 330 base ilvl but can titanforge.

Thanks. I will edit my OP to give more background: I have the 7th Legion/Honorbound stuff categoriezed already. I also have azerite armor categorized into the right faction emissaries (along with all of the non-azerite armor slots except the ones mentioned). Is this what you were referring to, or something else?

Good question about incursion caches - will try to figure that one out. Also, thanks for the tip on the weapon cache being yellow. And for the reminder about them being per-class. The number of times I got one for Feral when I just wanted one I could use on my healer was making me pull my hair out.

I did get a Stonemason’s Guild Band a couple weeks ago, out of a 370 Ring and Trinket box (Tortollan Trader’s Stock) from a Tortollan Emissary quest iirc.

Didn’t get any other “non-regular” (i.e. ring/trinket oder weapon) caches yet, but I guess that’s only a matter of time. Will keep you updated if that happens. :wink:

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Not a part of the query, but Honorbound weapons at least can drop from Honorbound Equipment Caches (such as the one awarded at the end of an assault).

Had someone in my guild get a Boralus Sailor’s Cloak from a Proudmoore Admiralty Equipment Cache which was rewarded for the Proudmoore Admiralty / Tiragarde Sound emissary.

And, it’s me again… :joy:

Todays emissary for Alliance on EU is Storm’s Wake / Stormsong Valley which rewards a Kul Tiran Weapons Cache - at least on classes I’ve been able to check.

Rewards were as follows:

  • Demon Hunter: Stagheart Hatchet
  • Death Knight: Coldscale Cudgel
  • Druid: Tideguard Spire
  • Paladin: Stagheart Poleaxe

And once again some other rewards from people in my guild:

  • Shaman: Stagheart Gavel
  • Warlock: Deepwarden Baton
  • Druid: Wavecaller Greatmace
  • Paladin: Gnarlwood Hammer

Additionally, a human warrior on the official german forums mentioned getting a Gol Osigr Pillar for completing the currently active Drustvar assault (Post: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/de/wow/t/krieger-mit-stab/14209, Image: https://imgur.com/a/2qqtIYc). It’s also one of a couple staves with Strength if that’s relevant in any way.

I’m not sure about that info though, as the assault rewards an Azerite Armor Cache. According to the armory they did get the weapon at the same time as the achievement for being exalted with Storm’s Wake so it’s more likely they got the weapon from the emissary.

Thanks for the help everyone. I think we’ve got it nailed down and the sources are looking good.

Emissary Reward Notification-

I did the https://www.wowhead.com/item=165785/tortollan-traders-stock#reward-from-q today, it was a reward from the emissary. Received a 385 Stonemason’s Guild Band-https://www.wowhead.com/item=165678/stonemasons-guild-band&bonus=1537. I dont know how to show that it is in my inventory. This level of ring does not show on the optimizer.

If it is in your inventory, when you copy your string from export tab of addon to the website, it will show up in your inventory on the website and be available to the optimizer for Best in Bags. That item also shows up under the Emissary Cache upgrade finder search.

In just a standard gear list (say on Best in Slot, click the down arrow on the left of the item in the list, then you can modify its item level to any available item level.

Heyo !
I got this:

Here is a screen shot game in French sry