Emissary Caches only go up to 385 in Upgrade Finder

Hi there,

The Roadmap shows that 415 WQ items were added to AMR for 8.2 but for whatever reason, they don’t show on my characters’ Upgrades. When searching Emissary Caches at 415 in the Upgrade Finder, the search only returns 385 gear (and the one 415 WQ I have in my bag). See below:

My boyfriend can see all variety of 415 WQ items when looking at his own characters. I am probably missing something… but grateful if anyone can help :slight_smile:

AMR Import: https://pastebin.com/ASpu2fyE

I just tried it at 415 for your character and saw the 415 gear…

Have you tried changing the item level in setup to e.g. 400, then back to 415? Wonder if something weird got cached, that should force it to recalculate.

Hi - thanks for looking at this @yellowfive

I am getting the same items (385) return regardless of which ilevel I choose (400, 370…). The drop down menu doesn’t retain the selection (415) between sessions and page loads so everytime I go back into Upgrade Finder > Emissary Cache (either a new session or by navigating), its still sat at 385.

I can see other upgrades from 8.2 (World Boss for example) so it’s registering other new content.

I’ve now tried deleting the cookies from my browser and logging in/importing to a different browser (same PC). I’ve also logged into a different PC with a new import from there but the result is the same.

Lastly I created a new account and after importing, can see 415s in the Upgrade Finder (thanks to the premium trial). I don’t know why/how (since it is not affecting all toons), but could the issue be with with my account?

I hope this helps… Thanks again.

The site has been updated – refresh your browser, re-import your character, and let me know if it works for you now.

Unfortunately, no - still having the same issue…

I reset all of your saved info for the character sihor on quel’thalas. Try re-importing from the addon, set your preferences again (gearing strategy, etc.), and let me know if that fixes it up this time.

Sorry for the hassle of having to reset things, but hopefully it will fix your issue.

Thanks for this. I’ve reset and reimported and now the default option in the ilevel drop down is 415, rather than 385, so this is great - I can now see 415 gear in the Upgrade Finder!

The issue isn’t technically solved because the website doesn’t allow me to set it at 400 or any other of the options (fortunately, I don’t need to on this toon but this could potentially impact the imports of other ungeared toons).

This solution also only applies to the one character, is there a way I can do this for myself or will you need to reset for my other characters?

Thanks for your persistence…nearly there!

OK give it another try – there actually was an issue on the web page making the selection in the emissary item level picker not stick sometimes. Should work for real now.

Brilliant - checked a couple of characters and it looks like that’s done it. Thank you!