Empyrean Demolisher seems to be undervalued


I’m getting some curious results using AMR sims vs the widely used sims and sheets currently for Classic DPS Warriors. Generally, the ED mace is near bis until Naxx for human warriors but AMR seems to have it at a much lower value than these other resources.

We’re using the same proc data that everyone else is using for our calculations. I can’t really say for sure why ours shows it being less valuable than other sources - I double-checked in the code that it is being accounted for, and it is.

I can’t figure how someone would calculate it as being a BiS weapon… It has potential for high parses if you get lucky procs, but on average it’s pretty mediocre.

Similar example can be Bonereaver’s Edge that is simmed as the best 2H for warriors/paladins, but it really depend on target armor. If raid can reduce it to 0 with other debuffs, then BRE ability will be wasted, because we can’t reduce it under 0.

Some weapons in specific conditions or lucky proc chain can be better than others, but in average situations can be worse. Like that one guy with 50% UTB uptime. Just luck.

I don’t think it’s the same as BRE. I’ve consistently sim’d on all the current classic sims for warriors and as a human, ED is bis with the exception being TF above it.

So… this is one of those cases I have a hard time with.

I have a mathematical model that, by all indications, ranks every other item correctly - but somehow this one item is wrong? That seems unlikely… The only way that could be the case is if a temporary large increase in attack speed is somehow much more valuable than an equivalent amount of attack speed spread through the whole fight - which I don’t see as the case.

All depend on proc chance what can be diffrent than in vanilla privs. Also it depend on your luck too. Some groups doing their own tests to check proc chances like Warrior Fight Club

I based the estimate for empyrean demolisher on uptimes seen in logs and a similar proc chance to that shown in this screenshot.