Enchant my trinket?


I was pretty surprised the recommendation was to equip the 171 Lyre of Sacred Purpose. First reason was I had it set to only allow one on-use trinket and another on-use trinket was recommended for the first slot. The other reason is because it said that trinket was enchanted with the weapon enchant Sinful Revelation!

After this, I did my heal spec then my bear spec then went back to balance. It no longer had this recommendation. Weird stuff!

Is the list of spec.'s on the left hand side (of your screenshot) in the order you USE them? Do you use, all six of them?

I seem to remember there being a way to ‘reserve’ certain items for certain spec.'s, but maybe @yellowfive or @Swol could comment if it’s still possible & how it works.

If anything here is missing the point, then apologies…

This can happen if data gets out of sync somehow. Going in game and activating each spec once then doing a fresh export usually clears it up

Usually this particular issue happens with something being locked, then getting out of sync – if you unlock all then optimize again, it resolves it (then you can lock whatever you want again).

I had my bank, bags, and my character sheet opened then opened AMR to get the string to import. I started with either “Feral ST” or Feral AoE Pred", then did the other, then went to Balance. I do this routine once or twice a week. I don’t have anything locked and haven’t had anything locked in a couple of weeks – I did not have anything to unlock this week and not last week either.

I usually check them in that order as well although I might check “Feral AoE Pred” before “Feral ST” if that is the gear and talents I’m already in.

It did get straightened out when I went back to balance but thought it was interesting.

If you keep the list in the order you USE them, the Optimiser will work with that priority too.