Enchant Quality

When using the set option to use cheaper enchants it still applies +16 enchants instead of +12 ring enchants. It also doesn’t want to use BfA enchants as an alternative. I know this is a new expac and AMR is set for raiding but you have to lvl up before you can raid. One last observation, BfA gems are showing the wrong values for Leviathan’s Eye shows +48 is actually +18, and Kraken’s Eye shows +32 but is actually +12. Just my observations. Thanks

The “cheaper enchants” option right now is only excluding enchants that require Eternal Crystals, which are some of the weapon enchants. We can add another threshold to give more flexibility there.

I’ll fix that issue with the low-level gems showing the wrong tooltip. The optimizer is using the proper stats, it’s just a display issue with the tooltip.

With every expansion, we only consider enchants and gems from that expansion. If you already have an old BfA gem socketed, the optimizer will leave it if appropriate though.

While you’re looking into that, I’d love to know how the hearthstone cooldown enchant gives me a 10.41% increase to my DPS for Vengeance spec. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


That enchant isn’t giving any value – if you go in-game and activate your vengeance spec, then export again, it should resolve it. If you see on the left, it thinks that the last-seen gear for your vengeance spec has no enchants on it. So the 10% or so comes from all the enchants on your gear combined.

The reason that it is not highlighting the enchants is because it knows from your inventory that those items already have those enchants on them.

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