Enchant suggestion

Im a retribtion paladin.

and have just been in lfr and got

for some odd reason mr robot suggest i put 200 intellect on it!

and then my head kinda baffled about it. and come up with a big question mark WHY?



Could you send in your addon export string?

It’ll help us debug the issue a bit more.

That’s most likely caused by your spec priority: AMR always optimizes items in order of your spec priority which you can change in the “Filters and Options” menu (the funnel icon next to the gearing strategy).

I’d guess Holy might be set up as your primary spec and Retribution as second/third spec which would cause that result as the optimizer would then try to optimize your Retribution gear while checking for more important specs (Holy, in your case) first.
Your new cloak would then get an Int enchant but still show up for other specs if its stronger than other items even with a “wrong” enchant.