Engineering 880 Heads can't be upgraded

I’ve had an upgrade on my item list for a while that’s been telling me to get one of the 880 Engineering Heads, Chain Skullblasters, and then use 6 Obliterum on it to make it a 910.

This item, as far as I can tell, can’t be upgraded with Obliterum, so it’s not actually an upgrade. It may be worth checking for other items that can’t be upgraded with Obliterum and may be getting spuriously recommended.

Looks like some bonus IDs got associated to engineering items that shouldn’t have with all the other crafted item changes… I’ll filter those out in the next update.

Thanks! Love the site - if there’s a better way to submit bug reports, I’m fine using that too!

Forums are probably the best way – then other people can benefit from seeing your bug reports and the resolutions. Thanks!

The problem with the Heavy Skullblasters still exists. Upgrade Finder/Crafted is showing that I could obtain a Heavy Skullblasters of the Savant and upgrade it to 900 with 1/10 obliterum. Well, I tried to upgrade an existing Skullblaster and you can’t.

Reference Timetrvlr@Alexstrasza.