Engineering Traits Not showing up

Went to sim out new Gear and it stopped showing my engineering helms Traits I tried restarting the site and loading a new string from the app still no luck any advice?


I’ll take a look… seems our last scan of the item data messed up the new engineering helms. Something must have changed on wowdb where we get the item data from. I’ll update it sometime tomorrow.


Also came here to report that the traits for my Charged SP1-R1-73D Bionic Goggles I just crafted are not showing the engineering traits. Please update the site asap! Thanks!


Hello, I’m also noticing this and it is throwing off a great deal in both optimization and sims.

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Noticing the same, it even says my old 385 3 ring head is better than the 4ring 415, please fix this

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Hi, any updates on this?

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I will update it today along with a few other tweaks.