Enhance Shaman BiS/BiB issues

724e0e47527d440aa5ed7c936927243f (BiS)

BiS is telling me to dual wield axes, which shamans can’t do. It’s also hitting 14% hit, which might be a byproduct of dual wielding but not sure.

7365b927074c4b6e8df5773ab05e8f27 (BiB, wasn’t sure if I needed a second snapshot so I just generated one in case.)

Telling me to downgrade to 6% hit while using Sulfuras, are the suggested changes actually a DPS increase or is there an issue with Orcs pretending all weapons are axes and thinking the hit cap is 6%?

Hmm, yeah we’re letting it dual wield on enhance, whoops. I’ll update that.

As far as the hit cap goes - it’s not always going to be optimal to get exactly to the hit cap. Missing 2 or 3% of your attacks is often more optimal than sacrificing better pieces of gears to get exactly capped. The suggested changes should track pretty closely to what will actually be a DPS increase in game, on average.

Interesting, yea. I’m already down 1% from hit cap from following a spreadsheet “sim” will have to try out the recommended swaps and see how it feels. Thanks for all the hard work! :slight_smile:

I posted an update that fixes the dual-wield issue, and also now ensures to check if you have the 2H axe/mace talent before choosing such a weapon in the optimized result. Let me know if you encounter any other issues with it, we’ll fix them as quickly as possible.

on upgrade finder it still shows 1h weapons

As it should… you can still use a 1-handed weapon with a shield. 2-handers should rank significantly higher though.