Enhancement - live - Guide Result

Hello ! =D

Could you take a look at the result showed on the guide about enhancement shaman in Multi and Single Target.
I’ve sims again and again and i dont seems to be in correlation with the result shared by Mr Robot.
58k setups - all talents - some soulbinds - few legendary

The result i get is mostly Forgelite Prime is way up and so Kyrian i way up. I’m upping covenant and i woud like to know if i should up Kyrian or Necro next for 9.2 base on the live result?

Thank you !

Here are more sims :
Doctor’s Wolf - Report (askmrrobot.com)
Frost Witch - Report (askmrrobot.com)
Deep Elements - Report (askmrrobot.com)
Lava actuators - Report (askmrrobot.com)
Doom Wind - Report (askmrrobot.com)

I’ll take a look. I’m working on the 9.2 stuff right now and we’re going to be generating all new data for the guides anyway. We have to run it all new because of the two legendary and set bonuses being added.

Thank you in advance =D.
It was just for “sanity check” if you could see a problem right out the bat =D
Keep going with 9.2 thank you for your time ! =D

Have fun !

Psssst: if you’ve got some insight on what legendaries enhancement will be using, i would be happy to get some infos =D.