Enhancement - Rotation improvement

Hello !
So… I decided to dig a bit into enhancement for next patch.
Their is few points i would like your point of view. I’m aware some of the stuff here is ongoing work currently. I Hope you will find somethings interesting to improve the rotation.
Here is what i’ve done :

Flame Shock use - quality of life improvement

Now that Lave Lash is spreading Flame shock, we should see less cast of Flame Shock it self :

With some build, like Necrolord, Venthyr, using less Flame Shock is better with more targets.
I used a 10 targets to increase the difference because in the MM+ script the differences doesn’t show thats mutch.
less flame shock rotation
One thing i can’t seems to figure out is with the condition i’ve edited, i lose a bit on single target

AOE 10 + targets - Rotation Improvement

So, doing some MM+15, lots of runs do at some point 10+ targets packs. I was looking on how to add to the rotation to see how i can change my gameplay to be more performant on those bigger packs. So i added things like more crash lightning during Doom wind windows. This improvement is also visible on less targets.
default - MM+
more crash - MM+
Default - 10 targets
more crash - 10 targets

Aoe 5+ targets - Rotation Improvement

It appear that with more targets Crash Lightning is taking the lead even more. Meaning in sims i have a nice improvement with Crash Lightning beeing use when we have more than 5 targets in range with the doom wind buff up.
More Crash Lightning

Fae transfusion - Didn't find a way to improve it

I feel weird when i see lots of enhancement use the conduit “Essential Extraction”. but i’ve haven’t found any situation where i could get more DPS by using more FaeTransfusion even with the Dreamweaver’s Field of Blossoms. So no improvement here but if you have info on how i would love to here about it.

Primal Lava Actuator - Rotation Improvement

Improvement made to use more Lava Lash when we have 6 buff from the legendary. This is quite an improvement in “not Hot hand talent” build.
Primal Lava Actuator Improvement
This is particulary visible on 10+ dummy targets but i guess it’s because the Flame Shock spread is not limited to 6 targets yet?
Also it’s weird to see “Triggered by: Primordial Wave” in the logs but not “Triggered by: Lava Lash”.

Elemental Blast - Rotation Improvement Multi targets

Sometimes, with the talent Elemental Blast is used right after Primordial Wave.
And by the time you get back to 5 maelstrom strack and use lightning bolt you lose the Primordial Wave buff. I haven’t found a way to dont have this situation replicated in the simulator properly.
But if i put back the condition to not use Primordial Wave when i didn’t consume the previous one; allow a nice small DPS increase in MM+.
Loosing Less Primordial Wave

On the side note. Few things maybe where you could take a look :

  1. Raging Vesper Vortex can be trigger 2 times. Is it worst casting other spell in the rotation to get the value of the second explosion ? (I bet no so i didn’t try)

  2. Splintered Elements doesn’t “pandemic”. I would love to compare it in the simulator but there is no “Splintered Elements buff” i can include as condition in Primardial Wave. I guess it fall into the “not yet implemented” catagory.

  3. Flame and Frost Shock

    On PTR, those two spell dont share the cooldown anymore.

P.S: All improvement in one All Improvement In One - Rotation - Ask Mr. Robot

What do you think ? Are those suggestion interesting ?

Thanks for the suggestions. I can incorporate some of those into the rotation.

I did not implement the 6 target cap on flame shock yet because we don’t run our gearing strategies on scripts with more than 6 targets. It will take a lot of custom code to make that work and we don’t have the time to do it before 9.2 launch.

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Thank you for your time and effort !

I think we have some data running, so I might have to wait until next week to avoid causing errors.

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I found another one for Necrolord. But it add a layer of complexity or maybe it only need a bit of “swol magic” to clean it up.
In short : “primordial wave” beeing an AOE spell
Necro ability higher in priority when more targets

The rotation :

And another one :
This time it’s because i’ve notice down time where i had Primordial Wave available in a single target rotation
More Primordial Wave


Heyo !
I’m bumping this discussion because unless i’m mistaken no modification have been done to the current Rotation ?

I would like to add something also :
Splintered Elements can’t be refresh on live server but it does on the simulator. I try to do a version where i edit this but i couldn’t find a way to edit it ?
Sources : All Rotation improvement
To put in pespectives :
Simulation with Default Rotation
This is a 600 DPS increase (about 5%) using BiS

I’ll take a look at it tomorrow when I do the other updates for the little patch they are putting out.

Splintered Elements doesn’t “really” refresh in the simulator. It applies the buff multiple times, but all at the same time, since the extra lightning bolts all happen at once. It was an easier implementation. You only get 12 seconds of the buff.

In-game they apply a buff with a value based on how many extra spells primordial wave triggered. This causes caching problems in the simulator, so we implement it as a stacking buff instead. You get the same result, it just looks a little different.

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Okay ! Soung great ! Love your work =D