Enhancement Shaman Hit weight

I am not sure how to correct this but it seems that AMR wants to deck my shaman out in nothing but +hit gear. I have tried setting the threshold to 9 but it still says i should be gemming hit (even though the BiS gear is at nearly 20%)

I think the background stat weight is a little broken.

$3;EU;Mirage Raceway;Cannonade;Lightbringers;2;1;70;0:0;1;.s1;SHAMAN;2500315010000000000050052021050113353115100000000000000000000;.q1;25764s17e1900;1781s7x23095y0z0e941;743s13;166s9e-194;75s15e-2279;50s14;10s3;10s5e2293;58s16x0e12;12s8e-16;61s12;15s2;5s6x0y0;26s10x959y0e-1973;20s1e2319;486s11;1749s18;.inv;5175;1;1;1;1078;692;3506;1361;250;738;43;4184;27;0;0;1;0;0;3445;312;9;347;706;7;1;1;1;42;527;1;116;1;1;2;1;246;5;0;3;22;223;2;28;5;5;75;232;3;10;4;131;15;206;231;22;125;72;0;2;1;45;66;9;1;1;30;3;48;3;17;9;1;984;8;178;50;1;7;12;16;9;42;3;13;79;0;66;3;28;65;1455;12;34;5;2;100;4;19;2;8;56;2;33;27;53;5;28;12;9;132;190;327;98;129;429;1;77;27;25;90;95;207;0;7;4;927;16;31;88;265;236;50;91;38;177;84;1;9;1332;0;1;969;0;0$

It is also prioritising AP over strength which is obviously incorrect as strength is affected by kings where AP is not.

I would hazard a guess that the stat weights are exactly the opposite of what they should be.

Hit for enhance is not a wasted stat, despite being MH hit capped by talents. The OH still misses quite a lot, and hitting is valuable for WF procs.

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I can only speak as a former Fury Warrior in Classic, but +hit while DualWielding is not wasted, yet 20% does seem quite extreme :open_mouth: so gemming for even more would be puzzling, yet with a selected threshold of “9” it gems all crit in the yellow slots for me (using your import string).

I also just remembered that the threshold didnt work in classic for me, e.g. i was hit capped and still got Band of Accuria suggested.

Note for dual wielders

Auto (white) attacks have a higher chance to miss when dual wielding. Most people don’t worry about capping that. But if you do want to go for a huge amount of hit, we’ll let you do that. If your Melee Hit stat threshold is set to anything higher than 9 , we’ll assume that you want to reduce your white chance to miss as low as possible too."


So a treshold of 9 should work here…

It could be that your Hit-Gear has other Stats too that are better, but as i see it that isnt the case atleast for the Shoulder Slot.

Also since shaman gets 2 AP for 1 Str Strength Gems should indeed be prioritized.

The customize feature only allows you to set a minimum value for a stat, not a maximum. Enhance shamans do most of their damage with white attacks. Hit is very valuable all the way up to the dual wield hit cap, according to our calculations.

We don’t use stat weights to determine what items/gems to use - we have a mathematical model of the spec running behind the scenes and we pick whatever gives the most damage.