Enhancement Shaman question

I noticed that AMR is pretty big on Lightning Conduit azerite trait whereas everywhere and everyone else says it is a horrible trait. I’m not doubting AMR but I’m just wondering why that might be. I also couldn’t find in the simulator that it doesn’t suggests switching targets to apply lightning conduit to other mobs in AoE which makes it seem like if the recommendations are based off the simulator that lightning conduit is amazingly good if it doesn’t even get used to it’s full potential in the sims. (unless I’m misunderstanding how it works and/or missed that line in the action list)

I don’t know why other sources don’t think it is good.

If you look at the rotation in the wiki, you can expand the “target priority” section of the rotation to see that there is logic to make you cycle targets in an AoE situation.

Maybe people don’t like the micro involved in making full use of it?