Enhancement Shaman - Stat Weights

There seems to be some weird issue that’s messing with the stat weights for Enhancement Shamans.

Snapshot: f11f4d3a00da4a519feb99894b662455

From my understanding, it should be Mastery >> Haste > Critical Strike = Versatility for Elemental Builds and Haste > Mastery > Critical Strike = Versatility for Physical Builds. In both cases, Crit and Versatility are on par or vary slightly in their weight, yet in the above snapshot, I’ve been given the following weights:


As you can see, Haste is undervalued while Versatility is overvalued.

I assume you are looking at the stat weights generated for pawn? You can’t really look at those as any sort of general advice for what gear to get. Those can be seen more as what stats to look for on the next item or two you get. You should re-calculate those weights often. Right now you have very little versatility, so getting an item with versatility would be good.

If you look at a BiS set of gear, the stats the optimizer finds on gear it thinks is optimal fall well within the expected relative values for the stats.

To my understanding, the damage bonus of versatility is so low that it would take beyond the point of DR for it to out-weigh the other secondary stats. According to Wowhead, Icy-Veins and Method, the general consensus is that Agi > Haste > Mastery > Crit >= Versatility for a physical build. The Best-in-Bag optimizer should not be recommending versatility gems/gear over others at my item level.

I just did a sim on RaidBots and its stat weights are as follows:


It almost seems like the AMR weights for Haste and Versatility are swapped or something.

As far as the pawn stats go, I use that more as something to do a quick check when I get a new item (I export my bags, optimize, import, copy the pawn string and paste it in so that I get can a general feel of whether new gear is a potential upgrade). I always update the pawn stats when re-optimizing with a new piece.