Enhancement Shaman - weapon order question re: enchants with equal? weapons?

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:

I am a dual wielding shaman with 2 weapons of the same ilvl, dns per second, etc. The optimizer is being very adamant about me having Deadly Navigation (grit) and Quick Navigation (haste) on my weapons in a very specific order for MH vs. OH.

Since the speed and dns is the same on these weapons it’s unclear to me why AMR is insisting on one weapon being MH vs. OH. I have a Versatile Navigation where my Crit would be, and I have a Haste navigation on what AMR wants my MH to be. While I know I can lock the OH to Quick and have AMR optimize around that, I’m not seeing why it’s not saying, OK you have a Quick Nav on the weapon that would proc at the same rate, so the only thing you should have to change is that Versatile enchant to a critical. Why does the weapon order matter here? Am I missing a dependency on the MH OH calculations?

It seems; based on me locking things that AMR could/should just say; change enchant from Versatile to Crit, and keep the weapon order the same?

The weapon order doesn’t matter. In your case it would be cheaper to leave haste on one weapon and replace vers with crit on the other.

This is just an edge case for minimizing the cost of enchant changes that we haven’t handled, but can add to the list. It would require a bit of code to determine when it is OK to swap the enchants around between different weapons for different specs. Usually it shouldn’t matter much, except maybe for DKs.

You guys are great. Thanks for answering the question. I figured that was the case but wanted confirmation. Give my best to Zoopercat and the gang.