Enhancement Shaman Weapon sync

Hi robots

It was my firm belief that nearly every enhancement shaman aims for weapons with the exact same speed. AMR now tells me to use another weapon with a different speed.
Are the calculations considering the sync effect on weapons regarding windfury and flurry?

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Yes, we are considering the effect of mismatched weapon speed on windfury procs. If you mismatch your weapon speeds, the optimizer pushes more of the procs to the faster weapon, which lowers the overall value of the setup somewhat.

I can look into applying some sort of factor for flurry as well - that didn’t show up in my digging, but now that I specifically search for it I do see there is a 0.5 sec ICD on consuming a flurry proc, so having weapons that are exactly matched in speed could result in higher flurry uptime. I’ll put in a factor for that.

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Thank you for the effort and reacting so promptly <3