Enhancement - Windfury procs after Sundering

Good Morning !

Someone from the Enhancement Shaman discord brough something to my attention about Doom Wind Legendary and how it interact.

Apprently, during the Doom Wind window buff, Sundering and Crash Lightning proc both main hand and off hand enchant on all target on live servers. Here is a screenshot i took.

This doesn’t occure in AMR.


Simulation - Report (askmrrobot.com)

I think this could have a “big impact” on the ranking of the legendary and sundering. This doesn’t occure in AMR if the doom wind legendary’s buff is present (it does work for Crash Lightning)

Thank you in advance for fixing this ! =D

P.S: also Mystic Touch and Chaos Brand are applied after the first hit on a new target… Doesn’t seems right is it ?

P.S 2 : Thanks for the script with 5 targets cleave.
Here is a modification to current enhancement rotation that does improve the result (more visible on 5 targets cleave : Simulation - Report (askmrrobot.com))

P.S3: Never paid attention we had the target dummy cleave script available… Could they be use in another script ? Something like “Hall of Attonnement” => Dummy cleave 10 for 2 min, Dummy cleave 4 for 1min Dummy cleave 2 for 2 min etc… ? (would be better with the true HP for each mob but hey one step at a time)

They keep changing what procs windfury and what doesn’t… at one point I had sundering proc’ing it. Then they changed it to not proc it. Guess they changed it back at some point.

Very clear game design.

:x Sorry for you ! It’s annoying for sure !
Specially for Windfury, it seems really … random sometimes. Maybe dont change it yet and wait for 9.2 to make sure they dont revert it back ?

Might as well change it for now. Who knows when/if they’ll change it again in the future.

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If you take a look at the rotation. Could you clean it up ?

Two spell, with same condition with only the meta data differences but not used in both ?
Unless their is something i dont see.

Thank you very mutch ! <3

They’re just there for display purposes to show a different note depending on talents

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okay ! Thank you then =D