Equipment Manager Sets

Hi there, this might have been asked but I couldn’t find it. Is there a way for the equipment managers sets to allow us to auto save multiple sets for each spec. For example, I want a single target and AOE instead of it just overwriting the same one each time I import from the site. Then that way it would be easy gear swapping. Yes I know I could do this myself by creating a second set and just importing and saving it to that set, but then you’re still dealing with it overwriting the original AMR set for the spec.

Does that make sense? That would be a cool feature I think.

This might be a big ask though because then you’re redoing the Gear tab on the addon as well to accommodate multiple specs for each but I still wanted to throw it out there.


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We do have plans to allow saving multiple gear sets per spec – we updated all the server-side code to support it with BfA launch, now we just need to update the addon and some of the export functionality to support it.

We had hoped to finish it before Uldir… it’s still possible, but might end up coming a week or two after.


That’s awesome, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: