Equipment sets not being created by addon

I’m a long time user and have always had the addon create/keep my Outfitter/WoW equipment sets up to date.

Since Shadowlands it doesn’t seem to do this anymore. Is this a known issue or just a problem I am having. My addon is up to date (as of a few hours ago anyway). I’ve tried turning the option off and back on in the settings.

Thanks for your help and all the work done for us!

I’ve been using the addon extensively while leveling to test it out… haven’t had an issue with it not creating equipment manager sets. Are you getting any lua errors?

Also – you do have to press the button to activate the spec and equip the gear set for it to create the equipment manager set. Unfortunately it’s not possible to automatically create a set without first having all of the items equipped on your character, so we do it when you press that button.

Yep. I’ve been successfully using AMR to do this for years.

Having said that, I think I have worked out it was to do with my Outfitter settings not auto-equipping on spec change. I changed this back to they way I used to have it and seems to be working fine now.

Basically, i’ll put it down as a problem between my keyboard and my chair :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response though - love AMR.