Equipped Low-Level Items Not Found in "Customize Gear" List

Here’s my goal: an optimal Speed Build for each character.

For this purpose, sometimes I need to select lower-level gear (weapon, armor & gems). When I export to AMR, I have the lower level item(s) equipped, yet AMR sometimes doesn’t return an equipped item in its Customize Gear list.

For example, my druid is wearing Steamscar Boots (ilvl 130) w/ minor speed enchant. I need to keep these boots assigned for a separate “speed” build , but the boots don’t show up on the “Customize Gear” list after I import from the client.

I’ve tested this scenario on each of my lvl 120 characters – one of each class. Test results listed below & screenshots attached.

SUCCESSFUL (equipped low level gear found in Customize Gear list):

  • mage
  • rogue
  • shaman
  • warrior

FAILED (equipped low level gear missing from Customize Gear list):

  • death knight
  • demon hunter
  • druid
  • hunter
  • monk
  • paladin (missing both equipped weapon & boots)
  • priest (missing equipped gem)
  • warlock

Our tool is really designed for end-game play, so we filter out very low-level items. I’d have to look up what the exact cutoff is. A lot of people have accumulated a lot of old gear, and it is more convenient to filter that out than show it for most users.

To work around it, you could try excluding every other available item – in theory it should leave on whatever you had equipped.