Error communicating with for 1 specific character ONLY

I am getting an error :

There was an error communicating with
Status: Forbidden, Reason: Unknown API error
In the meantime, you can use our in-game addon to load your character.

All of my other characters on the same realm work - and this has been happening for several days now. How do I optimize when I can’t get the character to load on the web page first?

We highly suggest using the in-game addon to load your character. The armory hasn’t worked well for character loading for quite some time.

There isn’t a lot we can do to deal with armory loading errors, unfortunately. We’ll try to take a look - but we would need more information from you, like the region/realm/name of the character you are trying to load, at a minimum :wink:

But, really you want to use the addon. It works so much better.

I guess I can’t see how the add on works… It only has a place where I can export to the web page or import from the web page. Are there 2 add ons that you guys have?

In other words, I can’t load any character info using the ask mr robot in game add on…

You copy the export string from the addon, then on the website, there is a button at the top “Import from Addon”. Click that, and paste in the export string. That will bring up your character with all of the gear it has. You go through the optimisation, then there is a button at the bottom of BiB which you click on, which will come up with a dialog box. You copy the string from that, and then on the addon, click the button to import from website, and paste the string into that.

I think the AMR guys might have an illustrated guide somewhere, just didn’t have time to go looking for it.

thank you for the help. the region is Oceanic - Khaz;goroth. i will not give you the full list of alts but blindasabat blindbeggar blinddrunk to name but 3.

i found that if i click on a characters name i got the message as told above. while messing about i have found that if i click on the add on and copy and paste the string into the box for the wrong character on the web site, then the name and gear changes to the character i am trying to look at after that the characters come up normally as they always did before.

i would not have found this out without your comments making me experiment. so thanks all.