Error loading alts

i can load my main and 1 alt, but the other alts all get the following error

There was an error communicating with

Status: Forbidden, Reason: Unknown API error
In the meantime, you can use our in-game addon to load your character.

i deleted one alt and tried to reload it but the same message come up. i keep the site up to date with curseforge. have version 9.0.1

i have found a solution that gets round this and have copied and pasted this from another thread

thank you for the help. the region is Oceanic - Khaz;goroth. i will not give you the full list of alts but blindasabat blindbeggar blinddrunk to name but 3.

i found that if i click on a characters name i got the message as told above. while messing about i have found that if i click on the add on and copy and paste the string into the box for the wrong character on the web site, then the name and gear changes to the character i am trying to look at after that the characters come up normally as they always did before.

i would not have found this out without your comments making me experiment. so thanks all.