Error on BiB Selection

Help Code: 6d084a55696b4661baab84daa5e33eac

So, after hitting BiB, by hovering over my Boots it says to use my Sure-foot Sabatons with Mastery Corruption Proc.

When I click on Boots to see how my other pairs compare, the ones it says that are equipped are the Sure-foot Sabatons with the Crit Corruption Proc. Now, I know it has to do with the fact that both are the same named item at the exact same iLvl, so AMR is having an issue tagging the correct item.

I can take a look – the optimizer is choosing the correct item (the one at the top of the list), but it seems that the inventory ID is getting swapped after the fact, so when you look at the per-slot list it’s not matching up.