Error Please choose some batch Items, or set Items to Current

Trying to sim talents on my hunter but for some reason all of a sudden i am getting the error above when I try to queue up sims when one sim is already running. I have tried closing all of my sim clients and clearing the queue and restarting them and I even redownloaded the sim client and still getting this error. Quite inconvenient that I am unable to queue up sims. Please help!! Thank you!!!

Ok so i did some messing around and troubleshooting and I found out it was because I was selecting talents that I had not learned yet that is causing the issue.

Is there a way to deselect “blank” boxes in the talents section? I want to sim all talents so I know what build I want to go with. It seems when the “blank” box selected the error happens.

You can deselect any talent option by right-clicking on it.

You must have at least one option chosen in every talent tier, which can be just the blank option if you wish.

Right clicking worked!!! Thank you!!!