Error while simming my Enhancement Shaman. Bug?

While simming I keep getting this error: Error while executing: Repeat Task: AutoAttackOffEnhance AutoAttackOffEnhance is in a Repeat action but returned 0 for its cooldown. Repeat actions must always return a non-zero cooldown or cast time.

This is the sim: Not Available

I tried fiddling with the options but I don’t even understand what the issue is exactly.

Usually that error means you don’t have a weapon equipped in your off hand.

That’s not it. There was definitely a weapon equipped in my offhand. But maybe it didn’t register my weapon correctly?

I see, it was a gearing strategy run… seems there might be an issue with the weapon with a special effect. Try equipping an off-hand without a special proc effect and doing it again, that should avoid the issue for now.