EU and NA export

Hello, I am an EU player from Vanilla.
I moved in US several years ago and lately I opened an account on NA too.
Now when I export character info string on NA it still has EU in a string:

My workaround is that I manually change EU to US before coping string.
Is it possible to change it somewhere in a client to automatically recognize right region?
Is it a bug because not much people are playing in both regions so no one needed it?

I guess you just changed the region on the BattleNet Launcher and continued using the same WoW client?

Apparently the region gets saved in and never changed afterwards, even if you change the region your playing in. As AMR has to use this config value to determine your region it will continue to return “EU”.
You can fix this manually by opening your WTF/ file with a text editor and changing the PORTAL value to “US”.