Evoker Stat Weights

What is a good evoker devastation stat weight? I’ve been using the default gearing strategy which is leading to high mastery/crit and very little haste even though most guides say haste > crit. I also feel like i can barely compete with other specs at 392 ilvl.

Well, I think that the stats we have calculated are good. If I look at top logs, I’m seeing players that have more crit than haste (and a lot of mastery).

I think that haste and crit are considered by “they” as relatively equal. Causality might make haste slightly better than crit according to some people, but my calculations don’t back that up. The value of mastery is fairly volatile, but it is good regardless.

It seems to make sense to me that crit would be better than haste in general, especially with almost everyone taking spellweaver’s dominance. There is some damage that doesn’t benefit much from haste, but all damage benefits from crit.

I’ll put it on my list to take a look at - always worth checking when my calculations get different results than what is popular out there. Devastation was honestly one of the easier specs to calculate, though. It is not very complex (from a design standpoint).

I think trinkets might need a look at but I could be wrong.