Exclude two handers in upgrade finder?

Amazing app! promptly paid for it.

Classic player. I’m a fury/arms warrior specced for off hand weapons, to dual wield. but the upgrade finder is showing me a bunch of two handed weapons. It did guess my spec correctly.

how should i interpret this? Is it suggesting I respec for 2h fury? or is it saying I’ve got the best one hand weapons possible from dungeons at this point? under raid results I do see a couple on handed weapons, but buried under 2h weapons.

is there a way to exclude 2h weapons?

I’m still working out a few things with warriors. We’ll post an update in a little bit and then give it a try again.

Having a lot of stuff show up weird for my warrior (up to level 57 at least). For instance, nothing seems to be better than the White Bandit Mask. 2H weapons are the only main hand that shows up, and the favored off hand is a dagger. Best in slot shows a 2H mace from Gnomeregan.

I fixed a couple bugs yesterday with the warrior stuff - the off hand damage was being over-estimated. If you use the help link and post a snapshot id we can help more. The optimizer is really meant for level 60 characters, just FYI, so it will be a little less accurate until you reach that level.

In general, two handed weapons can do almost as much damage as dual wield for warrior - actually more in some cases depending on lots of factors.

Snapshot ID: b58b2484b9004cac8712f2023630724c

I expect a little inaccuracy, especially in simming where enchants are concerned, but this feels like a much bigger gap than I experience in implementation.

Yeah, like I mentioned - a lot of weird stuff going on in BiS because you are not level 60. Get to level 60 or just set your character’s level to 60 in the options and then you’ll get the advice you are looking for.

Some of the item data we have includes the level restrictions, some doesn’t, so it’s a little weird doing BiS sub level 60. Also, the manual crowd pummeler is actually a hilariously good weapon if you are doing short fights. Feral druids use that as a BiS weapon all the way through naxx.

Hit level 60. Still having the same problem with upgrade finder seemingly only showing 2H weapons.

You don’t have any good one handed weapons in your bag. So, most decent two handed weapons will be better than a good (or even the best) one handed weapon paired with your current best weapon for the other hand.

The only way to see one handed weapons rank above two handed weapons would be to pick a random off hand weapon (which you don’t have yet) to pair with it. The rankings would then be fairly ambiguous.

On upgrade finder. Best in bags is working as intended.

Right, I was talking about the upgrade finder. It ranks each item as if you replaced your current item with that item. But what do you do for comparing a 2 hander to a 1 hander? The second hand has to have a weapon. We use the best weapon you own as the 2nd weapon. Your 1 handed weapons are so far down the list that the best 1 handed weapon you could find paired with your currently owned best 1 handed weapon in the other hand will never be better than a good (or even decent) two handed weapon.

You can look down the list to see how one handed weapons rank - but they’ll never show up above 2 handed weapons until you actually get one good one handed weapon in your bag.

Alright, yea, it’d be great if the upgrade finder, designed to find upgrades, worked right and could help find better weapons, because that’s what I’m trying to do with it.
The bug is that the system is showing Arms spec weapons for the Fury spec upgrade finder, because it does not currently show suitable weapon upgrades when it shows 2H weapons for fury.

You can do just about as much damage as fury with a 2 hander as you can dual wielding, so they are definitely valid items to be ranking for fury. The one handed weapons are all ranked in the upgrade finder, you just have to look further down the list!

If you actually get one of those two handed weapons before you get a good one handed weapon, you’d do way more damage by using it. I understand that maybe you just don’t want to play with a two handed weapon, but the upgrade finder is providing all valid results.