Excluded a minor essence only it keeps getting selected

Snapshot 6f298fc459984fff8df819cc56dc0a57

have got Unbound force excluded, but it keeps getting picked interestingly its recommending different gems than if I don’t exclude it

Wondering if its just a graphical glitch, haven’t got access to gaming machine atm so don’t know if the export will work correctly or not tho

It is including it because you have it equipped. Gear you have equipped is always included in the BiB solution.

Yeah it was actually my intention that even if you had the essence equipped, excluding it would take it off and choose a different one… but there are a lot of checks in the optimizer that makes it a bit difficult to ignore something that you actually have equipped in-game…

For now you can do as Swol suggests and just remove that essence, import again, then optimize. I’ll see if I can make the optimizer handle it automatically though. The issue is that the optimizer really doesn’t like choosing a solution that scores worse unless it absolutely has to. In this case we would have to make an exception because your equipped gear is technically “invalid”.