Excluding items from recommendations with Best In Bags?

This has probably been ask and answered but I did try to find it and couldn’t.

Is there a way to exclude certain items from being recommended in Best In Bags? For example I have an ilvl 400 Helmet that is my only ilvl 400 head item and I use it for my healing build, I’m trying to set up a DPS build, I don’t want to change my traits on my helmet every time I go DPS for a dungeon or to quickly do some world quests so I’d like to make Best In Bags pretend it doesn’t see that item and make the “second best” recommendation.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello !
What you are trying to do is order between spec, you are raiding and you want to optimize the second spec without changing item from the first spec right ?
So on the left you can order the spec you want. For my case, MW raid will take all the gear it want.
Brewmaster will take what isn’t taken already in by bag and optimise it without changing azerith.

So if you order the left part as you want it to (healer then DPS single target then DPS Multitarget maybe) it will “take the second best” recomandation.

Hope it helps

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This works great, thank you. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed how that worked before.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and upload a screenshot and everything. Thanks a lot.

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