Expel Harm Disabled for Windwalker?

I’m attempting to port some of the AMR rotations over to simc syntax for use with Hekili. I have a hunch some of the rotations that come from simc are tailored to “standard” builds and, as such, don’t work so well with some of the non-standard builds that I get from AMR. So that’s the background on this process. I’m hoping to eventually automate the process - we’ll see how that goes. Right now, I’m just trying to understand both formats.

The spec I’m most familiar with is Windwalker, so I grabbed the JSON for the AMR Windwalker rotation and started going through it. Just trying to understand all the fields and everything (by the way, if there’s any documentation, I’d love to get my hands on it! :panda_face:). I noticed that Expel Harm is disabled for Windwalker. I find that a little curious because Expel Harm is decent chi generator, even if you can only cast it every 15 seconds. I consider the healing to be sort of secondary to the chi it generates, though having that steady stream of self heals never hurts.

In the grand scheme of things, it might not mean much. Especially since it’s (presumably) set up that way in all of your simulations. An extra chi every 15 seconds… maybe not a very big deal. But it really stood out to me, so I figured I would mention it.


I use a different approach to rotations than the folks who develop them for simc. They see almost anything that results in higher simulated dps as fair game and worth doing. I think that increased complexity is only worth doing for gains that will be perceivable and reproducible in game.

I looked at expel harm early on in the expansion. It isn’t actually going to give you an extra chi every 15 seconds on practice. That would only happen if you could use up all the chi you generated by other means (mostly tiger palm) and also manage to never cap energy. In practice, you only end up with a net gain of a couple chi over the course of a fight, this making it almost unnoticeable, practically, and not worth the complexity, in my opinion.