Exploiter Buff Percentage

I’m seeing some discrepancy between different sources of data for exactly how the Exploiter legendary works for Arms warriors. For a Venthyr Warrior, I’m getting it recommended in BiS, which makes sense, except I’m seeing this note in the Wowhead legendary guide:

Exploiter: Is a fan favorite unfortunately nerfed into obscurity, providing an underwhelmingly minor buff to an already mediocre attack. While it would seem to have extra synergy with Condemn, it actually reduces the buff value from 25% -> 16% to account for the greater frequency of procs, effectively ruining any sense of strong build synergy.

That said, neither AMR nor Wowhead’s data seem to show that change in the buff when combined with Condemn. WowDB seems to show both values, so I’m generally confused what the truth is here. I don’t have Beta/PTR access or I’d check myself.

It is 18% with Venthyr, I found the modifier in the spell data, it is on the Condemn spell. I’ll udpate the ranking today.