Explosive Potential - Demonology Azerite Trait

The AMR Rotation for Demonology does not have any logic for the Explosive Potential Demonology Azerite Trait. On a lot of other sites, it is considered a top trait and it is present on a lot of Battle for Dazar’alor pieces. Could the rotation be updated to allow for more accurate simulation results?

Yes, I’ll be adding that to the rotation and the gear rankings. Been going through all the specs and improving the rotations now that a new raid tier is out - this one was definitely on my list. Probably should have hit that one up sooner, but I got side-tracked!

When do you expect that this will be done by?

It’s already up in the simulator. We are re-generating the gearing strategies. Those take a bit of time to create, though. Should be able to put it up today or tonight sometime.

I have a same problem. When can I see the results of an update?

We’re almost done with a big update to gearing strategies - the glonet was running the new data last night.

Any updates on this? Thanks!

Yeah I have been working on a round of tuning for a lot of specs, this trait is on the list. They are nerfing it in the next patch though (which is soon, a week from this coming Tuesday). We’ll see if I update it before then, or just go right into updating all the data for that patch.

For this coming patch on March 12th, we should have everything updated the day of, or the day before the patch.