Export rotation in JSON - How to get spells ids?

Hi !

I’m learning HTML CSS Javascript on a small project :
Convert the Rotation from AMR’s team (JSON) to multiple Weak Aura (JSON) to do a rotation helper.

I need one more data the “spell ids” that is missing.
I could build manually a “database” with spellname (which are in the rotation already) to get the correspondance with spell ids but could be boring to do.

I didn’t find anythings on wowhead (like query to look into their database using the name of the spell?).

Do you have an idea to share ?

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In the short term… a relatively easy way would be to use the game’s dbc file that maps spell ID to name:

(Make sure to change the build to the latest build)

You can download that as a csv, and make a lookup of name to spell ID.

We almost always just transform the spell name to a “code name” by removing punctuation, then capitalizing every word. e.g. Spell of the Spell’s Spelliness would become SpellOfTheSpellsSpelliness.

There may be some spells in our rotations that don’t map directly to a spell in the game – those should be rare though. You could just manually map those spells to their IDs.