Export Window is Blank

After I open my toon’s bank and bags the Export window is blank when I open Mr. Robot. I recently downloaded an update for all versions of the addon from CurseForge, not sure if that had anything to do with it, though.

Is there any kind of error message? I’m assuming this is WotLK?

One way to capture errors is using the addons BugGrabber and BugSack. Just install them and you will see a minimap icon that you can click to see bugs in other addons. The icon will turn red when there is an error. You can copy/paste the error messages and put them here, and then I can take a closer look.

2x AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua:271: attempt to call global ‘GetNumGlyphSockets’ (a nil value)
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua”]:271: in function <AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua:268>
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua”]:300: in function ExportCharacter' [string "@AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua"]:88: in function ?’
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua”]:148: in function <AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:141>
[string “=[C]”]: ?
[string “@ArkInventory/Externals/Ace3/AceGUI/AceGUI-3.0-41.lua”]:66: in function <…ns/ArkInventory/Externals/Ace3/AceGUI/AceGUI-3.0.lua:64>
[string “@ArkInventory/Externals/Ace3/AceGUI/AceGUI-3.0-41.lua”]:300: in function Fire' [string "@AskMrRobotClassic/ui/AmrUiTabGroup.lua"]:139: in function SelectTab’
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua”]:363: in function Show' [string "@AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua"]:336: in function Toggle’
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua”]:26: in function <AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:21>
[string “@Titan/TitanLDB.lua”]:298: in function <Titan/TitanLDB.lua:296>
glyphs =

(*temporary) = 1
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = “attempt to call global ‘GetNumGlyphSockets’ (a nil value)”
Amr =
UpdateMinimap = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:267
StopLogging = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/CombatLog.lua:299
SlashCommand = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:234
SetJunkUiState = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Junk.lua:524
HideShopWindow = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Shopping.lua:30
HideCover = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:280
CreateItemLink = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Constants.lua:150
SpecIds =

ReleaseTabLog = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/CombatLog.lua:136
SetDefaultModulePrototype = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:405
ShowCover = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:262
IsEnabled = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:447
ProfessionIds =

RefreshJunkUi = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Junk.lua:550
RegisterMessage = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:85
UnregisterMessage = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:148
IsSupportedInstanceId = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer/AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer.lua:324
SetItemTooltip = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:397
ReleaseTabGear = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Gear.lua:504
CreateFont = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:84
db =

SetEnabledState = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:420
ShowAlert = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:290
OnEnable = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:195
GetActiveSetupLabel = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Gear.lua:405
ReleaseTabExport = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua:103
InitializeGear = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Gear.lua:1230
spairs = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:318
SetSpellTooltip = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:411
OnInitialize = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:147
UnregisterAllEvents = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:169
InitializeCombatLog = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/CombatLog.lua:337
Deserialize = defined @ArkInventory/Externals/Ace3/AceSerializer/AceSerializer-3.0.lua:246
GetActiveUiTab = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:388
GetName = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:275
SpecIcons =


name = “AskMrRobotClassic”
Contains = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Core.lua:350
Disable = defined @AI_VoiceOver/Libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:310
ParseItemLink = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer/AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer.lua:235
ShowShopWindow = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Shopping.lua:55
CreateTexture = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/ui/Ui.lua:94
Print = defined @ArkInventory/Externals/Ace3/AceConsole/AceConsole-3.0.lua:50
RenderTabExport = defined @AskMrRobotClassic/Export.lua:65
ShowTab = defined @

GetNumGlyphSockets should not cause that error in WotLK, your screenshot shows the WotLK version of the addon v16.

If you are on Classic, you want to use v4 of the addon.

You can get it from curseforge or directly on our site:

You should be able to filter curseforge to the game version you are playing.

I downloaded the right version on all WoW versions, that did the trick, thanks. Turned out I had the WotLK Mr. Robot in Classic. The way that Blizz labeled the Classic and Wrath Classic folders can be confusing.