Exsanguinate seems to be bugged

After simming two twin setups, with the only difference being using Toxic Blade or Exsanguinate garrote’s overall damage is far higher with Exsang then TB. The difference makes sense with the increased full duration garrotes it allows you to get off. What doesn’t add up is the overall increased damage. Roughly there should be around a 60k increase to garrotes overall damage when using Exsang (Due to the increased usage). When on the simulation using Exsang shows a 100k increase on top of the avg 60k. Where is this coming from? Am I missing something? Of course I could be off entirely and would love to hear back on why exactly this is occurring.

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It’s a rotation thing. I’ll make a tweak to the rotation to even it up more.

With Exsanguinate, the rotation was implicitly making sure not to overwrite a stealth-buffed garrote with a weaker one because it times up stealth/vanish with Exsanguinate. The non-Ex rotation wasn’t being as careful. In general, it wasn’t a big deal in the past, but having shrouded suffocation makes the increased damage of the stealth-buffed garrote so high that clipping more than the last tick is sub-optimal.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the work you do here. I appreciate it.