Eye of F'harg/Shatug - Maybe bugged?

Hi guys!
I have encountered a strange “bug”. My character Tamiron - Kazzak (EU) currently has a 955 Eye of F’harg equipped. However, the icon is a bit messed up (question mark) and when I find upgrades, the tool tells me to get a 945 Eye of F’harg or pretty much ANY trinket that is available, as if I would only wear one trinket. Interestingly, I have seen other sites (like raider.io) also mess up this trinket. Is this a Blizzard API bug or an AMR bug (or am I doing something wrong?)
Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:


This trinket is really weird…

The actual item you get in game has a separate ID and no icon. Then when you “cast” the trinket, it adds a bonus ID to it, that modifies it into either F’harg or Shatug – changes stats, name, icon.

But then the game’s item data has a separate item for each version of it as well (so there are 3 total items in the game’s item data for this). They probably did this to make it easier to display it in e.g. the dungeon journal and on the armory. We use these “extra” versions too, makes it easier to list and rank the two versions of it.

It would be a bit difficult to treat the same item as “morphable” into two distinct items in our system… so we have sort of glossed over it. Something like Best in Bags will use it as it appears in your inventory, so it should be unaffected.

We also rank it as if you won’t get the benefit of your other tank using the opposite one – it is just a stat stick for ranking purposes.

I see. Interesting way to do this. Best in Bag is working fine with it. But the Upgrade finder will just recommend every trinket in the game pretty much, which is really confusing - and screws over the bonus roll calculations. Maybe I am doing something wrong when using the finder?

I have an Eye of Shatug equipped on my character in slot Trinket1, and I see a pretty reasonable list in the upgrade finder…

I don’t know if you’re familiar with “smart mode” in the upgrade finder? It will upgrade items to the point where they are better than your current item, and then weight that based on how rare that version of the item would be. e.g. for my protection paladin, it recommends that some ilvl 985 DPS trinkets would be better, but it shows an “almost zero” chance of getting it. We factor that chance in when estimating which bosses you should bonus roll on.

I am currently wearing a 955 Eye of F’harg - my Upgrade finder tells me to roll for Felhounds Heroic to get a 945 Eye of F’harg as improvement. Smart mode off or on does not matter.

If you could post your addon export string so that I can reproduce your case, I can try it out.

Which slot does it tell you to equip it in? Could be that the unique constraint checking isn’t working because it sees it as a distinct item… i.e. it wants you to equip two of them…


Best in Bag is working fine, it is the upgrade finder that is the problem. Both with my custom gearing strategy and adaptive gearing (the default one) I get this problem. The other trinket is the epic Argus one.

So I loaded your character and used the Raid Boss (Mythic) strategy because you have pretty high level gear. I also locked in the legendaries you are currently using, assuming you have a preference for them (they rank really high, but so do many other combos, so sometimes it might pick a different one). I also set the Pantheon Trinket # setting to 10 (i.e. 10 other people in your raid group are wearing a pantheon trinket).

With that, I see what you are seeing… not sure why it is saying a lower ilvl Eye of F’harg would be an upgrade, so I’ll look into that.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: Great work on the Simulation and ranking so far, I really enjoy using it. Makes theorycrafting so much easier.

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I figured out what the problem is here… long story short, the way that trinket is set up is a pain… there is a spot in the code that doesn’t know how to scale the stats on it because the generic “eye…” trinket has no stat allocation data directly on it.

I’ll see if I can just hack around it in the next update that we do. In the short term… there is a workaround you can use that is a bit inconvenient, but will fix up the trinket ranking for you:

After loading your character from the addon, go to the Gear Explorer at the top of the page. Click on your Eye of F’harg to bring up the trinket list. You will see yours listed with a ? icon. Find the other Eye of F’harg in the list, it will probably be ilvl 945. Click the arrow at the left to show options to modify it, warforge it to the same level as yours, press Accept. Then after it re-ranks, click on it to equip it. Close the window then press “Save as Current Gear” at the top of the gear table.

Short version: replace the game’s wacky version of that item with the less-wacky version of the same item.

Now the Upgrade Finder should be able to modify that version of the trinket correctly.

Yes, this workaround works :slight_smile: Thank you again for your help, now my list of bonus rolls is much cleaner (and it looks like I would expect it to look)