Fallen order for Windwalker

Hello !

So… Yeah i was doing Mythic Nathria for fun as as WW. I think i start to understand why Monk discord community, hate the spell “fallen order”.

The main point i find is the non-consistency of the spell it self. sometimes, the little monk hits, sometimes not. Specifically, “Fist of fury” cast numbers seems off between sims on AMR and logs.

In the sims it seems like the random monk do cast it but sometimes dont or stop Fist of fury.

So here is some logs where the monks failed to cast “Fist of fury”.
Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft
A sim:
Simulation - Report (askmrrobot.com)

In this log i also did Kael’thas as healer. I’m wondering why they just dont cast “enveloping mist” at all. (They did target Kael … and other people)

I would like you light on this. My bet is in the IA it’s something like “try once Fist of fury” or “try once enveloping on random target if health<50%” and because those condition sometimes fail, it doesn’t re try the cast.
It’s late and I’m tired but I haven’t look at the length of the sims compare to the log… Could be that too…

Yeah, these summoned pets do have trouble in-game sometimes where they bug out and don’t cast their bigger damage/heal spells, which kinda sucks. I have them modeled based on testing I did vs target dummies… so I think it’s what is “intended” for them to do.

In the middle of a fight, I’m sure they fail to reach full potential sometimes. I have the adepts use fists of fury one time.

I don’t think I ever implemented the buff from enveloping mist the crane adepts apply, because it wasn’t clear to me if only that summoned monk benefitted from the buff. I’ll have to test that one more at some point - working on my alts this patch.

I’m sure I have a fairly ideal version of monk implemented in our simulator, in general. There are so many weird little bugs that plague the spec :frowning:

Thanks for the info…

Could it be nerf in the simulator ? To “try” to mimic the bugged output ? I will try to find a log where the pets didn’t “bugged” and hope to be able to validate the current ranking of this spell.

I did removed the fist of fury in the pet’s rotation; seems closer (in terme of %) to “my log”.
Simulation - Report (askmrrobot.com)

I think they “interrupt” fist of fury with tiger palm… The 2 sec canalisation seems … short to me ? I would need to look at that later today
Could be easy to implement, fist of fury once and tiger palm on top in the priority order:

Also :

Is it 4 ticks ? Or 5 like the comment say ?

Except the Storm Earth and Fire spell bug when a target die, their is no other bug i think ?