Feature-modify request: Choose Major Essence based on % change just like everything else

Usually on the site, you can click pretty much anything (gear piece, gem slot, enchant slot, OR minor essence slot) and have the option to choose something lower on the dmg list if you prefer, AND it shows you how much % dmg you’re losing, and of course it sorts them with the least-dmg-lost-by-changing are at the top

For example, even the minor essence slots give you this sexy menu:

Frustratingly, Major Essence slot is the ONE duder that refuses to work this way:

Asking us to go back to the talent-select page would be fine if for some reason it HAD to be wired that way, except it’s just a drop down. There’s no % comparison like with all other slots

And we know our beautiful robot pal has this information, since you can just select a different one, find best in bags again, and check the big % at the top right. It’s just, you have to do that for all 15 or w/e essnce powers, click the submit button, write down this value change, go back, repeat, make your own spreadsheet, etc. /sad panda

Like so:

Love you guys a million, ty sexy brilliant robot man!

We ended up choosing to handle major essences more like we do with talents (you pick what you want, then we optimize around that), for several reasons.

  1. Many of the major essences are very close in value, so it’s more personal preference that decides which one you go with
  2. Some of the major essences are very good (or bad) in specific situations, meaning that you’ll ignore the score anyway
  3. There are a lot of combinations now if you include talents, essences, azerite, trinkets, stats, etc… this was one way to reduce it to something more manageable

We do have advice on which major essences and talents you might want to use on our guide pages, e.g.
Go to the Talents section for talent and major essence suggestions.

Fair enough. Thank you for the explanation. It still makes me flinch to pick the one I like but click FindBestInBags and see the top-right % number go down 1 or 2 or 4, but it probably not a real difference, like you said with the talents being super close

Thank you for your amazing amazing site. I just resubbed for next year, and always will. Yall are the best! <3

(Oooo, and I hadn’t seen that you guys had added the Essences to those guides. FANTASTIC. Ty double’y)