Feature Request: Add Favorited Upgrades to Best in Bags Simulator

Is there any chance we can have the ability to add potential upgrades to the best in bags setup? It would be a major help for comparing potential purchases, especially now (for WotLK at least) that tokens can be exchanged for any piece.

The solution would be to make the Customize Gear popup box search allow you to select any item from the Upgrade list. Alternatively, you could add a “Favorites” tab to the Upgrade Finder and anything starred is simulated with your current gear. This feature would save A LOT of time jumping between yours and the DK Simulator.

You can use the “Add to my bag” search on the Upgrade Finder to do this to an extent right now – you can pick up to 10 items, then it will try each one as if you own it.

It won’t add all 10 items to your bag at the same time… that is a slightly different question than what the Upgrade Finder is trying to answer which is “what is the next single upgrade that will give me the biggest gain?”

We have considered adding a mode where it will try all of the items at once and show you the new potential score and if any of the extra items in your list were picked.