Feature request: Add Single Target and AoE as separate setups for Best in Bags

Is use one set of gear for ST en one for AoE (Balance Druid)
I would like my ST set to be leading so when I optimise my AoE gear I don’t want to get suggestion to regem or change traits in my ST gear. Or use gear for either of those sets for tanking or feral either.

So besides being able to drag the spec priority I would love to be able to have two balance setups sorted my importance. So multiple setups per spec too (maybe not even limited to just 2).

Hope to see this someday! If not, well, I’ll manage… :wink:

This have been suggested several times, and is in the works! :slight_smile: The developers have said it’s mostly done. Just needs some more testing before pushing it live. So I would guess “Soon™”.


That is good news. Thanks!