Feature-request: Best-bag to Simulate

I think i looked for this funccitionality i had while in legion:

Using a build that you just got via best in bag for a spec, and having a button to directly go to simulate with that build.

right now i have to best bag then export to wow-addon, equip the gear, import to askmrrobot, then press simulate.

Please point out if i just didnt find that feature.

Thank you!

In the simulator, after choosing a character, you see the current equipment, talents and so on. Below that is a dropdown with the text “Choose a cached optimizer setup”. When you click on it, select “Best in Begs: [spec name]” and click load. The best in bags suggestion will then be loaded for simulation.

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Ahh, big thank you!

But i would still say, for easier usage and clearer structure, that we would need that button “simulate this build” at each best in bags specc.

Actually it isn’t a good idea because it’s confusing. Some people still think they need to simulate the setup to get the result (like old AMR i think; wasn’t here at this time).
AMR’s team decided it’s better to put it in the simulation where you are looking to do the simulation and not in the optimizer where you get result of hours of simulation (that AMR is doing in the “background”)

(Trying to resume the answers i’ve saw in the discord or here)

Thank you for the explanation!

I guess then its just because im used to AMR before the bfa rework.

Makes sense. But i still think it would useful to make some kind of connection like that or build in a hint " Hey you, if you want to use this optimised build, go to simulation, scroll down and choose it"

Because right now its a hidden feature, also because you have to scroll down (not visibible on startup on standard 16:9 resolutions)

Yep Swol could maybe do some magic for this :stuck_out_tongue: Probably on the long list of things to do AMR’s team have.

Yeah it’s a little more hidden… but I actually find it much more convenient now. I’ll leave one window open with the simulator, one with the optimizer. Then I can mess with the optimizer, switch to the other window and load it, simulate it. Repeat. Pretty quick way to simulate lots of different optimization results.