Feature Request - Best in Bags Setups

Are there any plans to give us more than the limited amount of possible setups in the future?

Could you be more specific about what you are doing and what you want to see more of?

Working on an Example of my DK here:

Blood - Raidtanking
Blood - Mythic+
Unholy - Raid
Frost - Raid
Unholy - Mythic+
Frost - Mythic+

Those are the Setups I can/have created inside the normal limit.
I personally would love to have more. For example a PvP Setup.
Or Setups that are customized with gear and azerite for specific situations.
With the customize feature there are many setups we could have managed via AMR.
But we just can’t due to the limitation.

Hope I could clear it up a bit ^^

It is on our todo list to make some changes to allow a longer list of setups in the future – I unfortunately don’t have an ETA on that though.

Adding more sets starts to cause performance issues for the optimizer, especially as an expansion goes on and the gear gets more complicated (and there is more of it). So to allow more setups would require some significant changes to the code, and probably some UI work to make it clear to users what is happening as they add more and more setups.

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