Feature request: Change gear/spec via LDB/MM menu instead of cycling through

Please allow us to change gear/spec via a broker menu instead of just cycling through when clicking the AMR button. Currently changing to a specific spec/gear combination takes three clicks in three different places, one of which opens the AMR window and covers the screen.

As far as I can tell AMR seems to be the only addon that allows to change specs automatically when gear sets are changed. So going that one step further would be useful.

Thanks and regards.

AMR Addon creates gear sets in Equipment Manager by default, you just need to assign set to specialization. Works like a charm at any specialization switch even when auto changed by LFR and much faster, especially if you have non unique weapons for dual wield.

Thanks for the reply, but this does not do what I need. I use two AMR equipment sets per spec, one for dungeons and one for raids. What we need is the other way around of what the Blizzard equipment manager offers. Not switch a set per spec, but switch a spec per set.

AMR allows to switch to an equipment set and change the spec accordingly. So we can have multiple equipment sets linked to the same spec. Currently AMR only allows to switch its own sets via popup window (3 clicks in 3 places) or cycle through AMR sets (1 click per cycle without knowing what comes next).

Would even be better if we could also link talent sets to AMR sets and have those change accordingly (where possible).

I mentioned Equip Manager - because I thought there are a lot of LDB addons which show the list of sets.
And I guess /amr equip 1 as a macro wouldn’t work either?

Unfortunately the LDB addons do not change spec when you change equipment sets. I found a (somewhat outdated) talent LDB addon that can chance spec with talent changes, but that still leaves us with wrong equipment sets then (or multiple clicks in multiple addons).

I did not know about the macros, though, so I will search for an LDB addon that can call those macros via drop-down menu.

Still would be much easier if AMR just offered the drop-down itself instead of the very simplistic cycle change.

Yeah it’s been a long time since I looked at the LibDataBroker stuff. If I get some time I can look at how to possibly make a dropdown menu for it… but I’m not really sure how to do that off the top of my head.

The macros are described in the help tip on the Gear tab of the in-game addon.

If you are able to use something that allows calling a custom lua function, you can do the same thing as the macros via:


The number corresponds to the position of your gear sets from top to bottom in the picker at the top of the Gear tab of the in-game addon, with the first setup being 1.

I only found one LDB addon that allows to call your own custom macros as menu items, called “Arbitrary Commands”. And that one wasn’t updated since 6.2.

One problem with the call number/position approach is that it doesn’t include the name of the gear set and making any changed to set priorities switches positions around.

AMR does not necessarily have to offer a LDB menu, I think a minimap button menu would do the same, especially since (at least) Bazooka usually seems to allow to enable those as LDB variant. AMR is already placed within Bazooka for me, with the minimap button being disabled.

I’ve been using Broker_Equipment for many, many years now. It hasn’t been updated for a while but still works.
Unfortunately the author has archived the addon on Github so I’m not expecting any updates.

@yellowfive it has the drop-down menu implemented so you could look at that, p3lim is still active with other addons he’s made.

I don’t use the AMR addon for changing gear or specs other than after importing it and updating the sets.
I use the default equipment manager to assign a gear set to a spec and change specs via the default interface knowing that the gear will be swapped for me.

While I understand your desire to have it automated @einistein it’s more complicated than just clicking a button. Do you want it to automatically use a Tome of the Still Mind if you aren’t in a rest area? I’m not even sure if that would work with one button press, possibly if you’re in a rest area but using a consumable too might not be possible.

In version 99 (and later) of the addon, I added functionality that in addition to setting your spec and changing your gear when you activate a setup, it also chooses your talents and active soulbind. If you aren’t in a rest area or don’t have a tome active, it skips the talent/soulbind part.

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