[Feature Request] Change Strategy on Import

As multiple subspecs may still take a long time until they may be done, I have a suggestion that would at least make it easier to quicker switch subspec:
Let us directly change the strategy and blender on the addon import window (which should show all strategies, not only from the current spec), so that when I import my multi-target spec after having completed getting the best in bags for single-target, I can quicker switch the strategy.

This would also result in 1 less best in bags calculation, because currently, after doing a best in bags and then importing a new string, best in bags is automatically recalculated and only then can I change the strategy.

We are working on a full overhaul of the UI/UX for the site. One of our main focuses is going to be helping users manage multiple gear sets for their characters, since we believe it makes sense to optimize gear on a per-encounter basis.

Since it’s such a big overhaul, it will take some time to finish, though :wink: First we are making 100% sure that all our adaptive gearing strategies are up to date.

Thanks for the update and good to hear that it’s already being worked on.