Feature request: Choose multiple preferred azerite traits

There are frequently not just 1, but 2 or 3 azerite trait passives I’d really like to have.

For example, on Survival hunter I want:
-+20 focus (primeval intuition)
-strike-reduces-wildfire-cd (wilderness survival)
-stacking dot debuff (latent poison)

I can currently only select one, and then maybe sorta kinda click around on the Results-Main screen of BiB to possibly manually hunt for 1 or 2 of the other traits on other pieces

That’s unwield’y tho and loses a ton of the “see which tier of dps-loss this puts you at, and decide if it’s worth it for your preferred playstyle passives”

I would marry your site if I could. Ty guys for being the big brained sexy geniuses you are xD <3

Yeah, making the customize feature able to do even more customization is on our radar for improvements.

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Did I mention you’re talented and beautiful and I love you guys? xD

Mr. Robot does not really understand human emotions like “love” - but he does register that it is meant as a compliment and thanks you.

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is this feature still in development because it would be really helpful currently when i lock in a trait sometimes the website will just change the piece entirely and i dont want to use “preferences” bc it will prefer to use 2-3 traits when i want to just lock in 1 for example

Still working on it – but getting close! Hope to have a beta of many of the new customization features within a week or two.

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I know robots don’t understand love, but damnit I love you. Best feature ever