Feature Request - Choosing gear to scrap/disenchant

Hi Ask Mr Robot team

Apologies if this feature has already been requested in the past. I’d like to see a feature in Best in Bags where it provides you a list of items that you can afford to scrap/disenchant/vendor/delete, based on all of the specs that you have listed.

At the moment, in order to figure out which pieces of gear I can safely get rid of, I have to check each spec individually, and then each gear slot, and mentally remember which one are below a certain % of the best piece for that spec, and then go onto the next spec for that gear slot, which can be quite time-consuming.

A piece of gear should be below a certain % of the highest for all of my specs before it should be suggested for scrapping etc, since there might be a piece that is really good for one spec, but crap for another spec, I don’t want to get rid of that piece just yet. I’m not sure how exactly you would show that in your UI, but even something as simple as a table with slots on the vertical and specs on the horizontal, or vice versa, with their appropriate % from the best as the values in the table, should suffice, maybe with colour coding of the numbers below certain % thresholds. This would allow me to view at a glance where each piece of gear stands with the various specs, rather than having to go through each spec one-by-one.

I really appreciate the work you guys have put in with Ask Mr Robot over the years, and I’m looking forward to trying out the new class guides as well, once they have been completed for the classes and specs I play.

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What I do to, partially, deal with this is to export to the game, then activate each spec through the Mr Robot addon.
This creates gear sets for each spec, then when you look at gear in your bags the tooltip lists which set it is part of. So if there’s no gear set listed I put it on my consider disenchanting list.

I still do a sanity check as some things are situational but this clears up most things.

That works fine if the next best gear in the slot is a large % drop in dps, say 0.5%. However, for gear that are close in ilvl and within say 0.1% to 0.25% dps of the best in bags, if I then get a new drop in another slot which changes my distribution of stats, that might then mean the second or third best piece in a slot becomes the best. If I use your method, I would have destroyed those pieces that are slightly suboptimal in my current situation, but might be optimal in a future situation.

I’m essentially asking for a feature to be able to easily compare each piece in a slot for all of my specs within a single table. Or a way to export the data so that I can import it into a spreadsheet and work it out for myself.

That method would have the same problem.

You get a different Azerite piece and something else becomes better so you can change traits around. It’s a hard thing to implement.

You can click on a slot in the Best in Bags section to see a list of what you’ve got for that slot, then you can choose which pieces are far enough behind. Sure it involves some alt-tabing but until the AMR team come up with something we have to work with what we’ve got.
It’s been asked enough to be put on The List but the list sounds like it grows faster than things are ticked off!
They implement a new feature which gets feedback, then needs tweaking, then something else is brought up…