Feature request: finish addon as build selector

The AMR addon is kind of positioned to be a tool you can use to select which spec/gear set you want, but it’s missing a few key pieces of the puzzle:

  • it switches your spec, but not your talents (I forget this all the time and end up screwed because of it - if I choose the “mythic plus” item I expect it that to include my mythic plus talents too)
  • it doesn’t switch your soulbinds, although they are part of the simulator output
  • it doesn’t easily handle switching to PVP talents/gear, probably because the simulator doesn’t model them. I get that, and I don’t need the simulator part, but if the addon is going to be my loadout selector I would at least like a simple way to have it equip my PVP gear and talents (simple stat weights? full manual configuration?)

Yeah it’s on our list to enhance the addon to pick talents and activate the soulbind tree for each setup. I don’t have an ETA on that though.

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In the next update (version 99 of the addon), it will switch your talents and active soulbind when you change setups. We’ll probably release that in a day or two.