Feature Request: Lock Azerite Traits

I’ve brought this up a couple of times on Discord, but I wanted the permanence of the forum, especially since it’s a feature I really want.

Azerite armor effects fall into two broad categories - qualitative effects which make fundamental changes to how abilities work, but don’t really stack with one another (e.g. Soaring Shield changes the number of targets hit by my Avenger’s Shield; the Mastery stacks, but we don’t care about it right now); and quantitative effects which just bump my numbers (e.g. Avenger’s Might gives me Mastery whenever Avenging Wrath is up), and those do stack. Some traits mix these effects - Soaring Shield has both, for example.

I’ve found that I enjoy the gameplay changing aspects of some qualitative effects more than I do the added raw power of other, stronger, quantitative traits. For example, when gearing for M+ as a Protection Paladin, I will try to ensure that I have one Soaring Shield and one Inspiring Vanguard before letting AMR optimize the rest of my gear - because I want the gameplay changing elements of these two traits. The problem is, juggling all my azerite armor until I find the optimal combination is… a lot of hassle. I need to lock at each slot, look what traits are available to me there (e.g. if I have Soaring Shield only on a helm, I’ll lock that helm first), and then just go over combinations, looking at other azerite traits in the process. It takes a long time.

Can BiB be enhanced with the ability to say “make sure I have these traits in my BiB results”? I see this as similar to Legion’s alternative legendary combinations, only if those had been “optimize around this legendary” (which was never necessary because legendaries had fixed slots).

Along the same lines - and this has been mentioned elsewhere but it feels right to consolidate here - there are some traits that I am unwilling to use at all, regardless of their power level. Specifically for me it’s Havoc DH and Unbound Chaos. I do not intend to use Fel Rush rotationally, just as I do not intend to ever take Momentum. (Another example of a frustrating trait is the one that drops orbs which has shown up in BiB for at least one tank spec. The issues with that one should be obvious)

My current solution is to create a custom Havoc rotation, removing the Fel Rush entries aside from the Momentum one, and then creating a custom Gearing Strategy for the talents I currently have with that rotation. This is, clearly, not ideal.

So, my additional request is, can BiB allow me to say “never take these traits under any circumstances”?

That’s a good idea, yeah. So maybe a view with all the traits, and selection options next to each one

  • Ignore: never pick this trait
  • 1+: Try to put at least one copy of this (if available)
  • 2+: Try to put at least two copies of this (if available)
  • Maximum: Try to put as many copies of this

Yeah we’ll give some thought to some more ways to customize azerite trait choice… it can get complicated down in the optimizer logic though.

We definitely want to bring back the “alternate setups” like we had in Legion with legendaries, so we’ll give all this some thought when we build that feature.

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